• About Us

    Professionalism is the priority for Uzmanlar SEO

    Priority professionalism for Uzmanlar SEO We have a team that has experienced good work when the professionalism of the employee is combined with the professionalism of the tools and software used.

  • How Does the Process Work?


    We analyze your site and keywords. If your site has infrastructure and performance, software and development, content problems, we first analyze them and report the solutions. Then, we analyze which keywords your site is in, what keywords your competitors are focused on and we include the work plan in the report. Finally, we offer price. If you agree, we start working. At the end of each month, we deliver the performance reports of that month and the performances of competitors to you.


  • Google Ads

    Leave your Google ads to our experts, while the money you spend on ads decreases, the efficiency you get from ads increases.

  • SEO Work

    With the SEO work we call organic, it complies with Google's requests and rules; Let's make your site more efficient with an honest SEO work in the eyes of Google.

  • Social Media Management

    Social media tools are indispensable tools for a business today. Click to see our social media services.

Service and Pricing

Uzmanlar Seo provides Google Ads and Social Media Management and Data Analysis services, especially SEO work.
  • SEO Analysis & Reporting

    It includes performance and keyword analysis of you and your competitor sites. Your site's performance over different time intervals includes results such as which keyword you rank in. Deneme Deneme Deneme Deneme Deneme Deneme Deneme Deneme Deneme Deneme Deneme

  • SEO Comprehensive Package

    It is a service package that starts with the performance, keyword and social media analysis of your site and your competitors and is specially planned for each site. A special business plan and price offer will be presented to you according to the status of your site and industry.

  • E-Commerce / News Site

    The performance and keyword analysis of your site and your competitors are made. SEO work is done within the special plan. There are many advantages in Google My Business, Google News, user behavior, your social media accounts and reporting. You will be offered a special offer according to the status of your site.

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