Uzmanlar Seo set out with the consciousness that it should be.

In SEO, to do the right thing and to pursue the truth.

Uzmanlar Seo uses its experience and expertise in search engines’ algorithms for your site.

Competitor Analysis

Which words do your competitors rank in?

Which keywords do your competitors focus on?

What strategies are your competitors following?

Uzmanalar Seo analyzes not only you but also your competitors and determines the most appropriate strategies for your site.

Google Algorithm Updates

Uzmanlar Seo tracks the updates of google and other search engines and optimizes your site accordingly.

User Behavior and User Experience Optimization

How long do users stay on your site?

Which page did they view the most, which page did they spend time on?

What are the rates of users to leave your site?

What hours do users mostly visit your site?

What region are your users from?

What is the age range of your users?

What percentage of the users are between the ages of 18-24, how many are between the ages of 25-34…

What is the ratio of your users by age group?

Your users’ gender, interests, device they use and many other criteria…

Uzmanlar Seo analyzes your users according to these criteria and applies the most appropriate strategy.

Uzmanlar Seo does not only “Search engine optimization” of your site, but also user optimization.

Uzmanlar Seo does all these works with its experts on SEO and Data Analysis.

Uzmanlar Seo experts benefit from their knowledge and experience as well as the SEO and Data Analysis software used by major agencies around the world.